People from California who rely on medical foods

Median annual cost for Medical Nutrition for California residents featured here: $4200

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Katherine, RD

California · Immunoglobulin E & non-Im­mu­no­glob­u­lin E-mediated allergies to food proteins · Medical or Surgical Condition of Malabsorption · Provider Stories

As a Registered Dietitian who works in a pediatric outpatient gastroenterology and nutrition office, I routinely work with children ...

Lincoln, Age 2

California · FPIES
Annual cost: $3600

Lincoln was diagnosed with a severe milk protein allergy at 2 weeks of age after blood was visibly seen in his stool. His pediatrician ...


California · Phenylketonuria (PKU)
Annual cost: $6996

My insurance provides coverage of Ashlynn’s PKU metabolic formula, ONLY after we have met her deductible. They cover NO medical ...