Justin, Age 22

My husband has been trapped at that job his entire career because of the formula coverage for our son, that we can’t afford to walk away from. We have 3.5 years before he ages out of coverage. It is $24,000/yr, for life. The one formula that works for him is not covered by medicaid in our state. We are almost retirement age and plan to work as long as we can to pay for formula.

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Jamus, Age 9

My son, Jamus, has FPIES plus and our medical team thinks he has something that doesn’t even have a name put to it yet. He will turn 9 on Thursday and he has NO SAFE FOOD. He is 100% tube

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Brynnslee and Brekelle

This precious picture was taken after the birth of my 2nd who also was diagnosed with PKU right after birth. It symbolizes the bond that these 2 sisters will always have..going through life facing all the food and medical issues

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The Medical Nutrition Equity Act will provide key support for those Americans who rely on medical foods to survive and thrive.