Zoey, 15 months

When our daughter was diagnosed with an Inherited Metabolic Disorder at 10 days old I remember the frantic whirlwind of calls, emails, faxes and paperwork to make sure she was on my husband and my insurance plan. Not only were we trying to absorb what was happening and learn about our daughter’s diagnosis, we were made aware that if it wasn’t for insurance we would never be able to afford the treatment. Our daughter must take a medication twice a day, drink medical formula and eat special medical foods in order to stay healthy. We are extremely lucky that our insurance covers a large portion but so many families are not as lucky as we are. Medical nutrition IS NOT AN OPTION. Formula and medical foods for the treatment of these genetic disorders are 100% necessary and need to be covered!

The Medical Nutrition Equity Act will provide key support for those Americans who rely on medical foods to survive and thrive.