My name is Teresa Boyette I live in Kinston NC I was born overseas where nb knew bout pku tills American soldier discovered it.i struggle everyday with high levels n can never get to normal level like docs want even with kuvan.im on disability n have a husband with cancer twin boys who r on meds for mental health issues.i can only buy three boxes of pasta a month we I some money left after paying bill both of us on disb.with any help from the bill would help out me n people like me.we r a state that is struggling bc there r no fund r vouches to help people like me to get help n provide a accurate diet n levels so we can function like everyone else.im one of the oldest that’s has pku n the oldest in my county to have pku.its a struggle go to festival grocery stores n restaurant bc there’s nothing I can have.this bill would b a life saver to me n the people like me that r younger than me can thrive with this lp foods but rt we can’t afford buy from pku Presptives r cambrooke bc prices r expensive.if we get this bill pass we can buy more lp food to help us function n do r normal activities.we r tired bc we can’t get the proper bills to pass bc people that don’t understand what pku is r how it effects us as a whole person.yhe docs don’t know how to treat us n they can give us thewrong food not knowing it can hurt us r even some cases die bc r brain is full of bad protein.we would appreciate if u could take in incoideration to pass this bill it can save a lot of lives with pku n their families who r suffering thank u. In my state they only pay for formula no kuvan no low protein food

The Medical Nutrition Equity Act will provide key support for those Americans who rely on medical foods to survive and thrive.