Declan, Age 11

When I was eligible for the Affordable Care Act, I “made too much money” since child support is added in for income for DE Healthy Choice Option through Medicaid. Therefore, I was informed that it would be at least $1600 a month just for Necessity Nutrition through Formula, not his low-protein foods or KUVAN medication! I am currently working part-time and was eligible for formula assistance and $500/month for low protein foods while I make less than $27k which includes child support!

Having coverage for Formula, Low-Protein Foods and Medications to allow for my child “not to feel/be hungry” would be appreciated. I have been advocating since he was born back in 2009… had I done nothing the genetic team at AI informed us when he was 4 days old, the government would have assisted him to the tune of at least $225k/annually for the rest of his life! There is NO safety net of Medical Assistance for the caregivers/advocates who struggle DAILY to keep our children on a Diet-For-Life! Only if we “allow” them to become irreversibly ill.

Other Delaware residents who rely on medical foods

The Medical Nutrition Equity Act will provide key support for those Americans who rely on medical foods to survive and thrive.