Coverage for medical nutrition would be a huge blessing to me and my family, and also many other individuals with PKU especially women. I am very blessed to have insurance through my dad that helps cover part of both my metabolic formula and food but in two years I will have to switch to my husbands insurance that will only provide some coverage for my formula, all the necessary low protein food will have to be bought completely out of pocket. People without PKU have the luxury going to the grocery store and paying 3$ for a bag of pasta, I pay 15$ plus shipping on one bag of pasta. But that low protein specialty food is necessary in my life. I mentioned medical nutrition coverage would be especially beneficial for women with PKU, I think they would benefit the most from this. When a woman is pregnant and she has PKU she has to do so much to keep her PKU in check so her baby will be born without complications. Its not possible to bring healthy children in this world without metabolic formula or specialty foods. I have been blessed to be able to bring 2 healthy children into this world but that was only possible because of the help my insurance gives me to be able to have access to the things I need for my medical nutrition.

The Medical Nutrition Equity Act will provide key support for those Americans who rely on medical foods to survive and thrive.