I will begin with saying there are others that are in far greater need of medical nutrition coverage than myself. I have been brought up in tremendously positive circumstances and have the ability to partially cover my medical necessities. Some people are not that lucky. Unfortunately, for a PKU patient, making ends meet does not come easily, even for someone in good financial standing. The uncertainty of the ability for me to pay for medical foods and supplements is something that myself as well as others will always live with. “Will my insurance cover my medical food next year,” is a question many in this situation are plagued with asking themselves over and over again. Coverage for medical foods and formula for my family and others alike is not just a financial necessity, it is a way of offering a peace of mind to thousands and thousands of families whom are concerned for their loved ones with medical nutritional needs that they may grow up and live happy, healthy, and successful lives. Luckily for us, many of us are on this track, but the success of few does not guarantee the health prosperity for many and for that reason we need coverage to support medical nutrition products. Many people’s lives depend on it. May I remind you that many of these people whose lives depend on special medical products to meet their nutritional needs are not just people in hospitals, special care facilities or under constant supervision; they are your neighbors, they are engineers, they are nurses, they are teachers, your friends and family. Please consider someone’s actual life, which is not so different from your own, when deciding on the necessity that is coverage for medical nutrition expenses for families.
Insurance info: I have been blessed in life with incredible and hardworking family that has allowed me to stay medically insured most of my life. However even with life long coverage, I still come up short of being able to meet my medical needs. No medical food has ever been covered for myself or my family and insurance only partially covers a daily medical formula that I consume. We have always gone out of pocket for my medical needs. No part of my medical necessities are completely covered. That gets difficult when introducing student loan payments, and a mortgage.

The Medical Nutrition Equity Act will provide key support for those Americans who rely on medical foods to survive and thrive.