I am a voting 48 year old PKU adult male who is self reliant and is a major source of income in my house hold. I have a career, build/ do home improvements, build car models and have a active lifestyle including raising food for local veteran families in need by rucking / participating in a local non for profit. Medical nutrition, including my medical drink, has allowed me to function for 26 years in the construction industry as a Project Manager and Estimator as well. This coverage would allow me to continue to function in this capacity and not worry about my health impacting my ability to provide for my family. Without this coverage I will most likely not be able to function in my current capacity, lose my job, lose everything I’ve worked for for the last 26 years of my American dream and make me a burden of the state.  As my employer re-ups the health insurance the prescription plan offered by BCBS has changed most likely to save money. I was told the “plans were the same” but the tiered prescription plan changed to $5/ $25/ 50% coverage; my medical drink is considered a tier 3 drug even though their aren’t any generic alternates in either tier 1 or 2. My medically required drink will now jump from $60 a month to $305 a month; over 500% increase over 1 plan year. This is not feasibly possible for anyone and needs to be covered; failure to provide this coverage will result in me not being able to currently function with in the construction career I’ve worked in for the last 28 years. This will basically disable me where I will be a dependent burden on the state to support me and I will not be able to be a continuing functioning part of society.

The Medical Nutrition Equity Act will provide key support for those Americans who rely on medical foods to survive and thrive.