I recently became ineligible for the Medicaid insurance I was on, I make just a little over the cap for income to be eligible. While I was on this insurance, my Formula supplement was covered but medical foods were not covered. I now am trying to figure out what to do because I don’t make enough to pay premiums and have an out of pocket cost for my supplement that is only partially covered by other insurance plans.

Having complete medical coverage of my supplement and medical foods would be a blessing, I would be guaranteed my supplement and my quality of life and diet management would vastly improve. I have many times gone with out medical foods and simple things like bread, pasta and rice because I simply could not afford them or when I was young my family couldn’t afford them either. I would be ever grateful to be able to regularly order and have simple things like bread and cookies. My protein levels would be In a much safer range given the ability to consume low protein modified foods. I currently try manage my PKU with products and foods that can be purchased at the regular grocery store. This can be challenging,even eating mostly fruits and vegetables can be hard to control and keep my protein in the safe range. Overall life would be better and easier to control my diet and medical needs given the opportunity to regularly have access to low protein necessities.

The Medical Nutrition Equity Act will provide key support for those Americans who rely on medical foods to survive and thrive.