Alexander, Age 3

Imagine going to the store for peanut butter and the shelf tag says it’s $9.49 for 8 oz that will only last less than a week. 8 oz. is about 8 servings. Bread costs $13.99 a loaf. Kids love peanut butter sandwiches, but your wallet doesn’t.

You think, “What about spaghetti instead?”. That spaghetti that used to cost $1 a pound is now $11.49 a pound. That hurts even more!

Now, the kids are fussing because there’s nothing to eat. Last ditch effort: milk and cereal… except you can’t get milk because 30 units costs $700. Cereal now costs $16.49 for 16 servings.

To serve this child 3 SAFE meals a day, for a month, will eventually cost me about $900 just for him, after his is dropped from WIC.

To put in perspective, we only bring in $1160 a month, and SNAP will not pay for his food. Even if it did, we only get $470 to feed 5 people total. WIC is his only way of getting formula right now, but that will not last.

So, yes, “Houston, we have a problem!” Right now, he gets formula through WIC. After age 5, though, we will probably have to pay for it.

The Medical Nutrition Equity Act will provide key support for those Americans who rely on medical foods to survive and thrive.